Loyalty Scheme 

how can I earn loyalty?

Boost Bike Hub awards up to 10% loyalty points on a wide range of items for in-store purchases.

For new customers, this can be claimed using the unique code on your receipt within 30 days. This will also create you an account to keep track of it with.

For existing registered customers, this loyalty is automatically added to your account upon purchase.

how long is is valid for?

As of 1st January 2019, your loyalty points will be valid for 13 months from the time of it being awarded.  Any loyalty not spent in store during this period during this period will be no longer valid.  


what can I spend it on?

Loyalty can be used as full or part payment for in-store purchases of bikes, accessories, clothing or parts.

who do i contact to learn more about my loyalty?

Feel free to give us a call on 01590 624204 or visit the contact page to drop us an email.