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Climb more hills, Make more memories and Venture further into the great outdoors.  

We have 20 years experience selling and renting E-Bikes. We sell new or ex-demo and even have an guiding app built for you to test one of our bikes in the beautiful New Forest! 

You're in Safe Hands

Come and talk to Ben and the team about how to get the most out of E-Biking and find a bike which will exceed your expectations!  We have some of the best brands available in the UK for cruising, off-road adventure or getting to and from work.


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King of the Mountain

Climb more hills, shred more trails.  An electric mountain bike will broaden your horizons and unlock a whole world of possibilities off the beaten track.

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E-asy rider

For you, an electric bike is your ticket into the great outdoors. Take in more scenery and make ambitious journeys all from the comfort of your saddle.

Electric commuter bikes

super commuter

Your electric bike will let you avoid stress of the car, bus and train allowing you to see your town like you never have before, whilst keeping fit.


The Technology


The compact Shimano Steps crank drive motor from a Focus Jam² 

The compact Shimano Steps crank drive motor from a Focus Jam² 

There are 2 main styles of Electric bike motor; HUB and CRANK (or mid-motor). Hub motors are found on the cheaper models and may be found either on the front or rear wheel. Mid-drive motors are very good on hills as they move the chain rather than the wheel, giving the bike more power. They are also more efficient being positioned closer to the sensors which receive feedback from the pedals, making sure the battery transmits the correct amount of power to the motor.

There are non electric benefits too in terms of wheel maintenance not being impeded by cables and the opportunity for manufacturers to create a very aesthetic design by integrating battery casing and motor to keep the centre of gravity central and low and to enable the rest of the bike spec to match that of a non-electric model.  There are 3 main manufacturers of crank motors, namely Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano. They all have a few choices based on sort of riding that you’re doing and the depth of your pockets! Cheaper models will give up to about 200% assistance while models aimed at off-roaders and sport riders will be quicker off the line, kicking in faster with more power from a standing start.


A Bosch Motor from a Trek E-bike

A Bosch Motor from a Trek E-bike

Is bigger, better? Well, yes in very general terms.  A bigger battery won't increase power or speed as that is regulated by the motor but you need to think of it in terms of the size of a fuel tank...a bigger battery will take you further.

Cheaper bikes are normally 300wh, intermediate are 400wh and the performance motors will give you 500wh.  You will need this on a high performance E-MTB with lots of juicy torque, especially when you have an itchy trigger finger on the 'sport' setting!

Hardtail vs. Full Suspension

The classic question; To bounce or not to bounce?

The classic question; To bounce or not to bounce?

Bounce or no bounce?  The only reason for not wanting a Full-Suspension model when it comes to E-bikes is going to be down to budget.  Would you buy a car with suspension at the front only?

Full Suspension gives you a more controlled ride and enables more contact to be made with the ground than a Hardtail which can rattle you all over the place.  Saying that, Hardtails offer more weight advantages than like for like Full Suspension bikes but with a 250w motor giving 300% output in 'sport' mode, is that really a concern...?

Wheel Size

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So what happened to 26" wheels? Well 29" wheels came along and demonstrated that for the majority of off-road riding, larger wheels offered easier obstacle clearance and an overall faster pace of riding.  The main disadvantage was quick handling on technical trails and the slower acceleration from a standing start.  So some bright spark who wanted to eat slices of their own cake invented the 27" wheel to get the benefits of both smaller and larger wheel size.    Consequently, 26" has become almost redundant and the choice is now "which size do you prefer, 27 or 29"?

Some bike brands give you a choice across their range while others favour one size over another.  A few manufacturers now offer frame size specific options for wheel choice.  eg. in the smaller frame sizes, you will only have the choice of 27" wheel and the larger bikes only have 29" wheel.  If you are average sized (eg 5'9) you might get the choice of both.