Create your dream bike with Trek Project One.  Trek will create your bike the way they create every Project One: with the skill that only the most-experienced builders and artists can offer. 

Trek Project One

How does it work?


Trek Project One

1. Choose your model

You can order your Project One from one of Trek's selected bike models.

Madone  - Ultimate Road Bike
Domane  - Smooth Advantage
Émonda  - Their lightest production road bike 
Speed Concept  - Aerodynamic Performance
Top Fuel  - Cross Country Racer
Fuel EX   - Perfect Trail Bike
Procaliber  - Their fastest, smoothest hardtail.

Top tip:  You can follow these links and have a look yourself, or head in store and do it with one of our friendly staff.  They always have plenty of suggestions!



2. Choose your styling

Thousands of colours and design schemes, from boldly simple to outrageously cool, bought to impeccable life by the best artists in the business.


When you ride your Project One, you’ll be riding something created by hand by a person who wanted to astonish you, who cared deeply about your vision and who was the only one on Earth who loved your bike before you did.



3. Choose your parts

You can spec every part of your bike to your liking, from wheelset and groupset, saddle and cable housing.  Or, you can choose one of Trek's preconfigured combinations!


4. Final Details & order

If you have been using the Project One website, and you have a design and spec you like, you can email the details over to our team via:

Our team can then do a final specification check and answer any questions you may have.

We can also discuss lead times with Trek, to let you know when you can expect your awesome new bike!  

Then, we will put the order in.